Can Birds Eat Cat Food?

Can Birds Eat Cat Food?

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BirdCan Birds Eat Cat Food? 

Well, the answer to that question is a yes, birds can eat cat food, but be sure that it’s the not a specialized version but your everyday classic cat food. This is because a classic cat food has a very good dose of nutrients that will benefit birds as well, but a specialized version of cat food would contain nutrients specifically made to cater to cat’s needs. 

Birds have a linear digestive system and when trying to give a bird that cat food, you must understand this peculiarity or a particular delicacy like  cat food which is tasty, healthy and safe for cats might not sit well in your bird’s system, and might even become poisonous to birds as it would contain additives and/or nutrients that your birds system can neither tolerate nor digest.

 It is not a strange situation where you run out of bird food all you have is a cat food along with a hungry bird, in fact it happens a lot of the time if you a lover of animals and have a couple of them, you will find your self having pet running out of food while the other is sitting pretty with enough supply to last an age, and to deal with the emergency by substituting food while hoping for the best. However, note that since birds are different from cats, so is their digestive system, it’s important that at you use caution when it comes to feeding birds. For instance;

Wet cat food is fine provides the needed moisture to the bird and can boost their body moisture content but too much this moisture even though it is safe for cats can be detrimental to birds especially their lungs since the amount of moisture may end up causing clogging in their lungs and hence triggering some form of lung infection.

Cat food is also usually very high in protein, a component which may pose a problem to a bird as birds for one do not require too much protein since their liver cannot process it effectively when it is in excess to its needs. The liver would end up laboring until it finally packs up, now you don’t want that for your bird. 

Consequently, it is safe to say that you keep that in mind when feeding birds with cat food and therefore keep the food portion very minimal at a time.

It should also be given with tweezers, so the bird is not startled with bare hand feeding. It should also be fed fresh because where there is its left out too long and/or in the open for a while longer than it should, it becomes somewhat stale and give an off-putting smell, turning the bird away. Cat food therefore should be eaten as it is been removed from the pack, if it is not eaten, it should be immediately removed and thrown away so that you don’t attract rodents to your house. These Rodents might in themselves pose a threat to the your bird.

Cat food is usually high in fat and protein; these are no harmful ingredients that would pose a problem to the birds so long as it is given in small quantities so that your bird’s digestive systems can handle the nutrient.

Cat food has high vitamin content, so it is duly nutritious. It is best fed to a bird in its dry or wet form. However, this depends on the bird’s preference. You might want to occasionally offer your pet bird a few crumbs or a scrap of meat from your cat’s food. This should be fine, but it isn’t something you should be doing regularly, and you shouldn’t let your bird help itself to any cat food in the home. So keep your cat food in a restricted area to prevent these kinds of home accidents.


When feeding your bird with cat food; 

Keep the area you present this feeding your bird clean always 

Since you are dealing with Cat food, you would likely be having cats coming for the food as well as other ferocious animals; thereby putting the bird in severe danger. So when you are done feeding your bird, remove the crumbs and wash the bed feeder immediately, because some of these animals have a very keen sense of smell and they would immediately pick up on a cat food scent. 

Raise the bird feeder or table above from the ground level

When you intend to feed a bird with cat food in an exposed place, it should be in a place not close to ground level, that way your bird can feed in peace without dangerous disturbances.

As a precaution, cat food shouldn’t be placed in a zone that would expose it to dogs, cats and rodents, birds as you well know mostly just enjoy insects, seeds, fruits, nectars as the primary food sources. However, it's worth noting that numerous bird species in the outdoor happen to be ferocious carnivores as well, so they too should be avoided when trying to feed your bird or smaller wild birds with cat food.


Feed your bird in small qualities 

Where you intend to feed your bird with cat food, it should be in small quality as well so that the bird can have its feel quickly without alerting other animals, bigger birds or even carnivorous birds.

Wet Or Dry Cat Food?

Well, its best that you mix the two the wet cat food as the name entails has a lot of moisture since its soaked in gravy, it has a stronger scent and is prone to get bad pretty quickly. While dry cat feed are just pellets or round meat balls, it’s dry and would not get back quickly, it also doesn’t have a strong scent like the wet version, both are great, and a mixture will ensure that your bird has a dose of all the nutrients embedded in it. 

Benefits of Cat Food for Birds

Natural Ingredients

 Cat food in its classic form it is comprise contains protein, calcium, Agnese, potassium, iron, fiber. Therefore it continues to be a good option for both cats and birds. 


Birds are omnivores, so they can eat flesh and enjoy it as well,. There is no gain saying that cat are carnivores, so most of their food contains flesh, but you need not worry because your bird will like it too, in fact birds enjoy meat a lot, although you should take certain precautions, ensure that it’s not left out for too long lest it gets bad also you must ensure that your bird does not consume too much of it because even as bird enjoy it a lot , it is mostly composed of protein and too much of protein id not good for a bird due to its simplified and fragile digestive system.

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