Do Birds Eat Corn?

Do Birds Eat Corn?

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Do Birds Eat Corn?

The answer to that question is a Yes. Birds can eat corn or maize as some would like to call it, and as a matter of fact they love it and enjoy its taste. I mean who wouldn’t, its mildly sweet and fun to chew on. Corn is a cereal grain from the Zee Mays group of plant. There are six major kinds of maize to be precise grown by humans – Flint Corn, pod corn, Flour corn, popcorn, flour corn, and sweet corn all of which are delicious in their own right, only deferring in size and taste.

Birds even eat corn even out of the ears and the from the corn plant and eat corn from the plant while it is growing, this sometimes becomes a problem for those trying to cultivate it as a garden plant or agricultural crop that is just how much birds love these delicious kernels, However, it’s not to worry because while enjoying their treat at your expense they might as well be reading your guarded of those pesky pests that just destroy everything. But it still remains important that farmers protect the corn as much as they can until it matures enough to feed as many birds as possible. Several birds will also consume corn (of different types) when it is offered at a bird feeder, bird table, or other feeding station because it because easier to pick and wouldn’t attract little pesky rodents to the party. Nevertheless corn should always be given un moderation.


Why should we feed Birds with Corn?

There are tons of reasons asides from being tasty and a good sport for the birds here are some healthy nutrients that they can get from eating corn 


First to note corn is mainly carbohydrate, Which is composed in almost, comprising 28–80% of its dry weight. Corn also provides small amounts of sugar (1–3%) of its dry weight.  though sweet corn has a high rate of sucrose it is not a high glycemic food, it ranks from low to medium thereby making it simply mildly sweet and safe food for your bird.


Corn contains a fair amount of fiber. That is not even to be debated merely milling a corn will reveal just the amount of fiber that it contains. Fiber is very helpful in the digestion and maintaining a healthy digestive mechanism for the bird. This means that you wouldn’t have to worry about the delicate digestive system of your bird or any such food digestion problems. The predominant fibers in corn are insoluble ones, such as hemicellulose, cellulose, and lignin so you should not gave too much of it to your bird because it may in turn upset your bird’s gut if given on excess.


Well, there we go, Corn actually contains a sizable amount of protein which plays a great role in the replacement and growth of the body cells and it’s also worthy to note that most of this protein goes to the wings of these birds. Protein would ensure that your bird especially its wings are both healthy and strong. Now what is a bird without its wings?

Fat and Oil

Corn contains fat and oil, fat is collected from the maize and made into oil, and this is very helpful to keep the bird insulated from the terrible effects.

Vitamins and minerals

Corn may contain a fair amount of several vitamins and minerals. Notably, the amount is highly variable depending on the corn type. In general, popcorn is rich in minerals, whereas sweet corn is higher in many vitamins. It also contains significant amounts of vitamin E, ubiquinone which helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the bird.  

Popcorn boasts several vitamins and minerals, including Manganese., Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper. 

While Sweet corn boasts a number of vitamins, including Pantothenic acid. Also called vitamin B5, Folate also known as vitamin B9 Vitamin B6. Niacin. Also called vitamin B3, Potassium. Ferulic acid. This is one of the main polyphenol antioxidants in corn, Anthocyanins, Zeaxanthin. Lutein. Phytic acid.

Feeding Birds with Healthy Corn Feed

  • Some corn kernels have already gone through certain forms of alteration like coloring, artificial preservation, flavoring, such corn should not be fed to your bird. 

  • Do not allow corn to get wet or take in water 

  • Remove uneaten corn and don’t bring out too much corn at the same time, so that it doesn’t get spoilt by the natural elements, also do not buy dyed corn for any is most likely going to be dangerous for your bird

What Types of Birds Eat Corn?

Jays, Doves, Pigeons, Turkeys, Pheasants, Quail, Finches Cardinals, Blackbirds, Sparrows

Forms Of Corn Feed

There is no gain saying that corn could consumed in many forms all with as I shall discuss below. 

Whole Grains of Corn?

Whole grain of corn is for your ground feeding birds like chickens, cranes, crows, dove, geese, sparrows, doves, pigeons and such other birds. whole grains of corn are eaten by birds like ducks, chickens, cranes, crows, geese, and such other birds. 

Cracked version?

whole grain corn seeds are usually big so when it is cracked it easier to consume, if you are giving a whole corn, then have it cracked to avoid having your bird choke on it.

Sweet Corn?

This species of corm that is sweet to the taste and the birds love sweet corn much like most of us do, it  but leave that sweat corn of your that your h left over for your bird, once you are done feeding them ensure that you have the left over removed lest you being to attract unwanted attention from rodents, insects and other creeping things that might become a nuisance or even a danger to you much less a bird.



Can Birds Eat Dry Corn Kernels?

A good option is to allow the raw corn on a cob to dry out. The cob can then be hung up in your garden.

This can be a good option if you want to feed birds in your outside space. You can also insert a couple of sticks through the cob to provide birds with perches as they nibble on the dried kernels.

Can Birds Eat Canned Corn?

Corn can be canned and yes birds can eat it, but ensure that it is not creamed and sweetened and if that if the case ensure that the artificial sweetening and dairy is washed off before feed in the bird with it 

Can Birds Eat Frozen Corn?

Yes, bird can eat corn in this form, defrosting frozen corn and placing that in your garden will be just the same as providing fresh corn, just provide this with this version in moderation. 

Can Birds Eat Popcorn?

Yes, birds would love popcorn and it’s safe to eat so long as it is plain. Ensure that the popcorn does not contain processed elements like flavoring, sweetening and such other additives.

Can Birds Eat Cornmeal? 

Birds can also be given this food as a corn meal, mashed and cooked, birds will love that equally, in fact it would be easier to eat and digest.


Corn is indeed a great addition to your bird’s food, it nutritious, easy to feed and easily accessible. It is right there in every market and store if you choose to grow it out, it is easy to grow too even in a harsh environment. It is easy to preserve as well, so why don’t you give it a shot and I am sure your bird will thank you for it.

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