Can Cats Eat Bacon?

Can Cats Eat Bacon?

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Can cats eat bacon? Yes. Cats can safely eat bacon but it must be in a small amount. Everybody loves the smell of sizzling crisp bacon in the morning. And because they can, your cats may beg to share in your breakfast. Now, you may be tempted to give in to those cute big eyes. But you probably stop to wonder and ask, "can cats eat bacon?" Well, you are about to find out.

Keep reading this piece to find out all you need to know about feeding bacon to your cat and all the likely benefits and harms that may result.

Can Cats Eat Bacon?

Bacon is a delicious meat snack that humans enjoy. Thin strips fried in generous olive oil, bacon is one way that humans get their mornings going. Bacon comes from pork and is known for its heavy fat content. They are also highly salted and full of calories. No doubt, bacon is not one of your healthy food choices.

So, can cats eat bacon? Yes, cats can eat bacon. Bacon is technically not toxic to cats. I think a more important question is, should cats eat bacon? Bacon is not recommended for cats because of its salt content and also high fat content. 

Even though cats are carnivores, bacon is not a healthy meat choice for them. The negative effects of bacon far outweigh the good part of it (protein). However, cats can eat bacon in small amounts every once in a while. 

Is Bacon Good For My Cat?

The simple answer is no. Bacon offers little or no benefits to your furry guy. Even though bacon is an animal source of protein that cats need, it contains other contents that can be highly dangerous to a cat's health. 

Cats can a little piece of bacon occasionally. It is usually not a cause for concern. But it should be used to replace their cat food.

Is Bacon Harmful to Cat?

Bacon contains a high salt content. It is also full of fats and calories. All of these combined make bacon a not-so-healthy choice for your cat, even though it is meat-based. The fatty content and high calories in bacon make your cat gain unnecessary weight and cause them to become obese. It can also lead to other health complications like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Also, cats are very prone to salt poisoning. Cats get the right amount of salt they need from their balanced cat food. Feeding them bacon is giving them more sodium than they need and that can cause serious health complications like high blood pressure, clogged blood vessels, dehydration, etc. So, cats should be given bacon in small amounts.

Raw Bacon

Can Cats Eat Raw Bacon?

Raw bacon will not have as much grease as cooked bacon, so that means reduced fat. However, raw bacon still poses a treat to your kitty. Raw bacon may house microbes and parasites that can do real harm to your cat. So, feeding raw bacon to cats involves the risk of feeding them what may lead to their death.

Though cats' ancestors evolved feeding on raw meat, it is important to note that a regular house cat is nothing like its ancestors. A house cat does not need to hunt for its food, so unlike its ancestors, it does not require the extra fat that comes from feeding on raw meat. On the other hand, the fatty content in bacon can cause vomiting and stomach upset for your cat, especially if the meat is parasite-infested.

Another thing to note is that raw bacon is harder for cats to chew and may prove difficult to digest. Raw bacon may thus, pose a choking hazard for your cat.

Can Cats Eat Turkey Bacon?

Humans sometimes opt for turkey bacon as a healthier choice. But turkey bacon is no healthier than regular pork bacon. It contains a high sodium content and lots of fat, which is not good for both humans and cats. 

Turkey bacon may also contain preservatives that can be toxic yow your cat. It is not a better alternative but can be given to cats in small bits. 

Can Cats Eat Bacon Bits?

As a cat owner that can't bear to refuse those cute big eyes, you may be wondering again if bacon bits can cut it and be given to your cat. While bacon bits are not toxic to your cats, they are not beneficial either. Artificial bacon bits that are sprinkled on salads should not be fed to your kitty. The preservatives can also be harmful to your cat.

Cooked Bacon

How Much Bacon Should I Give My Cat?

Well, it would be better to give them none at all. But it would seem like cats can get over the smell of crispy bacon in the morning. They just want to have some. Bacon, regardless of the type, should be given to cats in very small amounts because of the high salt and fat content.

You can cut off a sliver of cooked bacon and feed it to your cat. When it comes to bacon, little is more. Also, make sure to absorb grease from the bacon with paper towels to reduce the fatty content before feeding it to your cat.

How Often Should I Feed Bacon To My Cat?

To avoid health challenges, cats should avoid bacon. However, if you decide to feed bacon to your cat, a tiny piece once a week will do. Depending on how your cat reacts to the excess salt in their body, you may want to increase the period to maybe once a month. Usually, only a small piece of bacon is enough to cause vomiting, diarrhea, or stomach upset. So, watch out for this.


Cats can safely eat bacon. But bacon is not one of the healthy snacks for cats. Feeding bacon in large quantities to your cat can become a health hazard in the long term. Hence, only a small piece of bacon should be fed to your cat at a given time and if your cat shows any negative reaction, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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