Can Ducks Eat Banana?

Can Ducks Eat Banana?

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The bananas we eat today were not always cultivated as food but as sources of fibers that were treated and made into cloth. Yes, people made and wore clothes made of bananas!! Bananas have been cultivated for the past 10,000 years in Southeast Asia and from there it moved to West Asia and then Africa.

It is not a widely known fact but the banana is regarded as a berry and not a fruit because botanically, a berry contains seeds inside the flesh and not outside. Bananas do not grow on tree but on an herbs

Can Ducks Eat Banana?

Yes, ducks can eat bananas although it is not advised to feed them daily, as with everything moderation is key to feeding ducks. Bananas are very nutritious, very delicious and most ducks love them. The greener the banana, the higher the levels of anti-oxidants which are very beneficial to the health of the ducks. 

Bananas contain Vitamins (B6, C and A), niacin and magnesium and potassium which are essential minerals and nutrients needed for the healthy growth of ducks. However, it should not form a major part of the duck’s diet.

Health Benefits of Bananas to Ducks

Not only is bananas useful or nutritious to ducks, the peels are contain additional nutritional value and also can be part of a duck’s diet. The rounded beak of ducks may make it difficult to for them to eat the peels so help them cut it into smaller pieces to make ingestion easier.

Some notable health benefits of feeding bananas to ducks include:


 Magnesium has been found to promote good sleep, a healthy heart and increase energy levels in ducks. It keeps them active, healthy and at a safe weight.

Vitamin B12

This particular vitamin gotten from bananas has a lot of uses including but not limited to good eyesight, metabolism, boosting energy levels, and supporting nerve function in ducks.


This is notably the most abundant nutrient found in bananas. Potassium plays a role in reducing stress and laziness in ducks. It is also an important electrolyte that helps to maintain function of the heart and the muscles.

Also, foods rich in potassium are often used in treating kidney disease in dogs and humans and other conditions such as cramps, weakness and dehydration. 

Deficiency of potassium could present signs like; confusion, weakness, decreased appetite and stomach distress.

It is also worth noting that ducks suffering from kidney problems should not be fed too much of bananas as they contain a high content of carbohydrate that may make it difficult for their kidneys to work through it.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 helps metabolize and converting proteins and carbohydrates into energy providing an adequate source of energy for the ducks. This leaves them active to forage for even more natural sources of food for themselves and their young ducklings.


Bananas are considered good for your duck’s digestive system because it helps to prevent constipation. It makes it easy for the ducks to ingest, digest and pass out waste materials that would be otherwise difficult for the duck to pass out.


Bananas contain antioxidants also known as flavonoids which can help increase the absorption of vitamin C in the duck’s system. Vitamin C in turn protects and increases the strength of the immune system and gives them strong resistance against infections that would otherwise wreck their immune system.

Can Ducks eat Unripe Bananas?

Unripe Bananas

Most bird owner are cautious when it comes to feeding their birds with unripe food produce but in this case, unripe or green bananas contain high levels of antioxidants which are incredibly beneficial to the birds system and overall well-being.

However, the green the banana, the harder it tends to be, so to make it easier for your ducks to ingest, you can mince it along with the peels into smaller and edible portions.

Can Ducklings Eat Bananas?


Yes!! They love them and they are also a healthy treat to give to the tiny ones. But because they have small bills and beaks, it makes it difficult to eat the bananas on their own so you may want to assist them during the ingestion process.

Mince the sliced pieces along with the peels and serve them to the little ones and they should gobble it all up.

How to Feed Ducks with Bananas

Bananas are very easy to feed to ducks because they don’t have any seeds or pits that may be toxic or be a choking hazard to the ducks. If you’ve ever taken the time to watch your ducks, you’ll realize how fast they gobble those goodies up.

Cutting the bananas into smaller pieces along with the peels should make it easier to the ducks to ingest. The softness of the bananas also play a role in making it easier to ingest for the birds.


Hand feeding them may also be a plus, especially if you’re trying to bond with them.

As with everything else, care should be taken to feed bananas to ducks because they contain a lot of sugar and are high in carbohydrates that may increase the sugar level in their body system.

The bananas can also be made into a puree to make it easier for the birds to ingest, if you feel its needed.


Now that you know that your ducks can eat bananas (both ripe and unripe), even the peel, ensure you monitor the daily intake of the ducks. Bananas can form a part but not a main part of their diet because it gives them the necessary calorie intake to provide adequate energy.

Bananas should be given in moderation. No more than once or twice a week and if you’re going to exceed that, try mixing it up with other healthy vegetable and fruits.

Make sure unripe bananas are cut into smaller pieces so they don’t gobble it up and choke on it. 

Bananas are a healthy alternative to feeding junk foods that would make them over-weight and obese, plus they’re sweet and the ducks love them.

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